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Thread: Resident Evil

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    Hey Pedro; happy new year!

    Do you know.. I've never ever played resident evil??!! Yeah; I know, I'm missing out. Regrettably, both my hardware and software (and OS) won't support much in the way of good games all that well - one day I"ll upgrade when I can save up some coin.

    I just watched part of your vid...and I have to say you sound so much like Craig Ferguson - one of my favorite comedians of all time!


    Have a good one..

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    Not sure how they're going to make RE better though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mindalex View Post
    Not sure how they're going to make RE better though.
    Ha-ha. Me neither! :P

    I think the series has declined considerably, because Capcom kept on changing it from horror to action, back to horror, with different amounts of success. They often keep hiring different actors, when you get used to one particular person, and you "see" that person as the right choice for the character, basically. So when they alter their looks and degrade the series with lousy remakes, Hollywood movies, and lame spin off games, that's really what is wrecking the legacy of the series. Like how Alien and other horror franchises were ruined as well, because they constantly milked them.



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