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    Been a while since I have been into this guy. Some interesting concepts to be sure:

    I'm not a fan of the wishy washing yoga images and most others to be honest as it seems they are using the same brainwashing techniques as most others. lol - hard to get away from and kind of denotes the message imo. That said, I still thought it was a good watch. More positive than most fear mongering concepts and after all the opening up I have done of the past years it seems quite feasible. Depending on your level of comprehension re the terminology and previous talks on topics such as this ... may depend on how much of it makes sense. That said - I'll assume some in here have enough grounding to get the gist and possible also consider it a decent watch.

    Of course it's all debatable ... but not my style. I just listen and see what my mind thinks as it often changes and sees differently depending on how much I have allowed it to see over the course of X number of years. My thinking patterns never stay the same. That I leave for the domatic types. Just learning to listen is all.

    Huge day for me ... Goodnight. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Why Were You Making devil noises last night?

    Today I will adjust the incoming data by altering the code. First I need to make my bed.

    Manager of the Real Estate is coming over this morning to inspect this home we have been living in. We have been due for one for some time however covid has kind of put that off. All I have to go now before they arrive is doing the dishes, floors and tidy up my room. We like to keep the house spick and span for whenever these kinds of people come to administer their authority. In this latest rental crisis it's been a bit like that. That said it's not good to paint them all with the same brush. We do enjoy having support to help us keep the place very clean and very much respect the environment we live in. To be sure I was struggling very much before I got support and I fully understand those within society that struggle to keep up unrealistic standards where people today have zero tolerance. Given the fact that others in the industry can make you homeless and having dealt with just that ... Given the unreasonable encounters/engagements and power mongers - we to tend to stress when it comes to said inspections which at times can feel like home invasions. That said, miracles can happen and we sometimes meet decent humans. The more I relax, the better I respond. Lately I have not had to run. In the past things stigma gets so bad with different people, that we just spring clean and then leave the house until the 'inspector' has gone. Thankfully my diplomacy skills are somewhat improved these days where before I had none. It is really hard when you get such evil people walking through the place you call home. Stigma can be a real bitch when it comes to people's perceptions of mere renters just as I am sure it can be the same for people who think they own their homes. My son just bought a house a few weeks back. Looking forward to visiting. At least now he can have people stay for as long as he wants and enjoy the freedom of doing as he wishes re gardens and permanent structures. All the best to those fournante who have such a privilege. My conflict is not over who owns what, but more the conditioning that surrounds such toxic principles and how it leads people to become Judge. How it negatively affects us all.

    Me ... I have been getting back into my potted garden. It's not very big, but during my recent repotting for the move I have decided to easy up on the computer spending and start adding to my pot plants at the new residence after we move in. Well actually I have already added a few by splitting up what I already have. Sitting outside among my own creation of green I have always loved. It's just been a while. Now my grandson is older I think I might even be ok to bring a few inside. Of course within the confines of the rental agreement. Laughs out loud. Damn homeowners. Grrr - hehe Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh You know the saying - always a few that ruin it for the rest. I think it's more a case of most people these days caring less. Hell I often use that term myself. Although I like to think that is more in terms of negative behaviours where I am actually quite OCD with doing the right thing in what homes that others refer to as 'theirs/mine.'

    Forgive the sarcasm as I am sure mine is misinterpreted. I do own a car and have it fully insured. But what does that even mean. First I would have to cite the value to give it meaning and that meaning would be different for different folk depending on the numbers and their invested standing. The higher the number the more invested we become. The whole thing with ownership, possessions and property is so disabling. Believe me I say this as someone that owns a lot of things. Yes we renters in the west on welfare still have way more than those considered poorer in so called 3rd world countries. Again I am sure my filler terms are miss understood. I will suffice in knowing what I mean. So many of those we considered poor are far better off than we think. The more we have and think we own, the more arrogant we become. I think Greg hits the nails with his statement re how much hate is being spawned in our world at this current time. I am sure it's affecting me with the following.

    Meanwhile back in another portal in my head: Why Were You Making devil noises last night?

    Sigh ... what else shall I dismiss or dispell. Not sure why, but last night but my daughter popped her head in my room and asked why I was making devilish sounds. Like hissing in a very distinct evil way exhaling with a lot of anger and bitterness. Like I know why my daughter popped her head in to ask wtf was going on and even now my wife just popped in (coincidence I am sure) whilst typing this now to also ask wtf is up with the devil noises last night. True as. Sigh. Come on guys ... am I really the only one? OK OK ... Thank the devil I have this thread. Phew.

    All it really is ... is toxic memories that pop in from nowhere when I am feeling stressed, having pushed myself too much (like I feel I did yesterday) where my mind gives in to that which I don't think we easily give up re past traumas and so on. I also think all this acknowledge of this fucked up world/prison I have be writing about is also impacting me to be sure. Now that said, I don't feel the need to stop writing about reality as I come to see it and at other times unable to see or make sense. Just because I have a few valves that start hissing in my sleep and or prevent me from sleeping, imo is not something I think I ought to write myself off with. Although my daughter and wife seem to disagree. I feel it is pretty harmless as far as the others go ... I mean as long as they now know it's me and not some invisible entity down the hall - they don't have to stress nearly as much as my hissing. rofl ... seriously you got to laugh.

    It is what it is. Literally better out than in and whilst during the episode I feel like I am bursting at the seems - I generally feel pretty good the next morning because of how I view such things. I just allow it as I do during the experience. To sit here stress on whether I am being spiritually attacked, or perhaps it's the Irradiated Food, 5G, Sonic Stations, Plane Flying Overhead, Reptilians, Agenda 21 Agents, Triggered Implants, Previous Vaccines, My New Wifi Router combine with Everyone Else's, the Power Point next to me head or the TV and Social Media Add Campaigns and so on and so forth ... to take all that to heart and invest in all the pop out groups would surely not do me any good. That said - I do tend to take it all in out of fascination and given the last presentation by Greg Braden ... it makes sense how all that information takes from in one way or the other.

    It is indeed very powerful stuff. Hmmm. I even found myself pondering during my hissing. I was very much beside myself whilst experiencing. If I were not, I would of probably would of ripped my room apart which would not do as I live with my family. I have no problem with what happened and took the time to explain this morning to both my wife and daughter who don't understand it as I have explained. I can break it down somewhat in clinical terms to my therapist who I am sure can address it as stress induced - / triggered unresolved trauma to which is already deemed permanent. The latter almost like an accepted excuse to a more systemic problem that affects us all in a decaying universe that is reaching its peak. Hmmm interesting take I am sure influence by the summer of Greg's take in the above link.

    No doubt some resistance taking place within which is best expelled esoterically in ways and means that can be allowed to blow this way and that.

    Resistance is futile ... lest one start hissing all the more.

    Until next post.

    EDIT - Hey Kirk ... just wanted to say in here, lest I take up more space than I already have in the other forum user's thread ... Full respect to your reply. The essence in that sounds on par for me. Thanks Kirk.
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