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    Do Some Of The Comments I Make Here Really Help Anyone?

    I enjoy making comments and starting threads about mental illness to a number of online forums, such as AnxietyForum.net, because I like to help people battling mental health issues similar to mine, even if it helps someone just a little bit.

    However, I occasionally wonder if my comments actually help anyone.

    What do you think? Do you believe that my comments, advice, responses, and threads that I make here help you and/or others on this forum some?

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    Despite differences of opinions, I am sure many people have found your insights and offerings helpful. Despite being quiet in this forum most of the time and the little conflict that does arise, people do read and leave without saying anything. I don't beleive anything we do no matter how small is wasted. Keep posting.

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    Your posts about your therapy sessions can be interesting. I was surprised to read that your therapist sighed during a session.
    Would there be this eternal seeking if the found existed?



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