It's really sad and unfortunate, but I think I'll have to give my dream of becoming an actor, a much needed miss...

Since 2016, some skank of an actress called Nicolette McKeown, has been getting me "blackballed" in the Scottish film industry. I've never even met her. She has had a handful of supporting roles in independent movies that you probably haven't even heard of.

She blocked me on Twitter for saying something about people involved with a film we were in, although I didn't share any scenes with her. I was just a zombie and she played a woman who asks for help, and then a soldier shoots her for no reason.

I've lost out on being an extra in a lot of films, as she tells people I've also never met in person, not to include me in any of their upcoming films. Some of the films were ones I was not overly fussy about being a part of, but that's besides the point. What she does is, she contacts producers who are local to me, saying I "abused" her and crap like that. For over 3 years and counting!

I don't care about her at all. Yet if I get mad and say anything to her or any of the cronies she is associated with, she ignores me, blocks me again, and continues the cycle.

In fact, I've got my own flat, and for over 2 years now, I'd complained to my mother that I suspected she was the culprit. Even so, it was hard to prove it at first because she was doing it discretely. She's not even the only one who does this either. Somebody else began doing it as well, so it has ended up like a grapevine.

But now I have proof she did it. Last year, trolls were talking to me using a program called Discord, and they aired the debate live on YouTube. I agreed to it, but I assumed we were just going to be arguing over video game stuff. About 10 minutes after the broadcast started, one of the trolls started to talk about her, and showed off a lot of messages she exchanged with other industry professionals, saying I abused them too, but they were causing me to react by slandering me. Then not too long ago, I appeared in court on a petition, because they stitched me up by claiming I made death threats. Now the court has up to a year to deal with the case.

I'm sick and tired of this nonsense. Furthermore, I've donated money many times in the past on Indiegogo (which is a Kickstarter type site) and I had people blocking me because someone she knows said something. For example, I'd paid over 100 to be in a feature film, only to be rejected months later without being told much sooner, and recently it occurred with a short horror film called The Candidate as well, and I'm not getting a straight answer about why I was blocked on Facebook. I'm not even able to get extra roles in any big budget movies, because I've been charged by the police many times, due to matters involving former support workers, and other people. By law, anyone on an acting agency's books must provide a basic disclosure, and mine has 12 pages, detailing the charges, the outcome I received in court, and so on.

The thing is, they stitched me up too. My lawyer said it would cost 20 grand to sue them, but I have no proof. You cannot even get defamation cases covered by legal aid. I've no savings and I live on benefits.

My mother says they are all clannish. Like, this is a big clique of unprofessional cretins just jerking me off and talking smack like cowards. I'm not interested in any of this rubbish whatsoever. I've never hassled anybody on a film set, EVER. I take direction like a pro should, and I just want to achieve film credits I can be proud of, despite having anxiety and a condition similar to Asperger's. But they must think she's royalty, or something.