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    Those Who Are Sick Must Get Better As Quickly As Possible

    Psychotherapy is a good way for many of those with mental illness to overcome it and live happy, productive lives.

    However, therapy is a slow process. And those with serious mental health issues, such as bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, etc. must get better as quickly as possible.

    That's one reason why psychiatric medications are so important. If someone gets on meds that works well for him or her, they can get significantly better rather quickly (not completely better, but still).

    Psychiatric medications are important for a number of reasons. And one of those reasons are that those who are mentally unhealthy need to get better emotionally and psychologically right away, if possible.

    Pills don't fix everything. If they did, psychotherapy wouldn't be necessary. However, getting better as soon as possible is a must.

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    ... and most important, don't forget to put a little effort in yourselves. It might be old fashioned these days, but comes with no ill effect.

    ... take your time and go at your own pace.

    ... & above all, beware of snake oil sounding adverts that sell pills as if they are the only things that exist.

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    You can recover easily if you diligently follow doctor's advice and eat healthy foods!



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