It's been good with my friend visiting. My old boss when I was a support worker. He is now my support worker.

Both of us have been playing a lot of PC in the beginning, but I am less attached to doing that now that my friend is actually here. Instead I have found the electric scooter that he brought with him an even better distraction. Although I feel somewhat self conscious standing on the scooter, the feeling of freedom moving effortlessly quickly overcomes any negative feelings. That said, I'm not moving at the traffic lights which makes those feel like I am on a stage. I smile, because after I while I become more amused at those looking out their windows. We don't get many stand up electric scooters in my area, although we do have a lot of electric bikes and 4 wheeled disabled scooters. People in this area are slow to change. It seems electric scooters have a little stigma to overcome in the same way drones where met with media resistance. But like I was saying about that feeling of freedom, once you jump on an electric scooter and realise the potential for freedom you soon disregard the notion of others. At least this is how I feel ... when not parading at the traffic lights. hehe. I've never really even like standing on such corners.

I guess that would make for a good topic on how being self conscious get in the way. Just being overweight is enough to make most of us feel like staying at home or not wanting to be seen. Boy oh boy I have been up and down in the dept of late. But like the freedom I find on my friends scooter, I also my prefer the benefits of moving beyond the boundaries of what most people think as their home. So it is that I also feel less worried about once again being morbidly obese. It's on my mind to be sure. It always is as I put on weight quite easily and now at an age that such can kill if left unchecked. However, stress only adds more weight and makes life even more oppressive than what I find it already to be. I note that being my perspective as I am learning to respect the freedoms of others as long as it's not impacting others in a negative way. The latter I find a rarity; I for one can not include myself in any kind of saintly list.

So it is that I now have my sights set on an electric scooter. - Still can't get over how great that thing is.

As good as it is ... I best get ready for me WALK.