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    Thumbs down I'm so glad I'm quitting video game forums at the end of the year!

    I'm quitting all forums by the end of 2019, in fact. It's not just a case of me ending my time on video game message boards either. They're all pretty much worthless now, no matter what the subject is.

    Over the past 3 years alone, I've talked about how much forums suck in this day and age. I'm a fan of survival horror video games, so I can be found posting on those kind of forums these days. There's hardly any activity on any forums these days though, as you will probably agree. They've all degenerated into a sheer waste of people's time, and so I've decided that enough is enough. Plus, a lot of members on the more well known websites, are best described as being "mongoloids with Internet access". But at least those crappy forums they go on have a lot of new posts. Anywhere else, really has no major activity.

    I posted on certain forums for several years, and then people started trouble over my grievances towards Capcom, who created many famous franchises such as Resident Evil. Recently, I got outed from many communities, due to these imbeciles. Although I didn't care for their cheekiness anyway. However, I do regard it as an insult though, that I contributed to a lot of these survival horror related forums for well over 16 years, and I more or less just got abused and betrayed by so many people associated with these communities. They even went through the bother of composing much of this junk about me, back in 2008.


    As you can see, that's very abusive.

    Over a year ago, I defended a guy on YouTube called "Nemesis", who used to have a hyphen after his name. These other guys said he should be blacklisted, because he was supposedly toxic and rambling on and on about Capcom too much. At the time, they felt that way about him at least. At some point, I made a poor man's attempt at defending him. Then I told these trolls I have a page about myself on Encyclopedia Dramatica, which is the one in the link, and they relayed all of this to the person they were mocking, right before they mocked me. This started because they were criticising him over his viewpoints concerning the Resident Evil games, and I was interested in becoming pals with Nemesis.

    So since then, the other YouTubers ended their conflict with Nemesis, and made a lot of videos about me instead, claiming I murder rodents, that I assaulted women who rejected me, that I was not in prison but rather a jail, and that I'm a bad actor who only receives extra work in films out of sympathy.

    Last month, they goaded me into doing a live debate on Discord, but I did agree it could be broadcast. Nemesis and the two arseholes that originally mocked him, were insulting me for over an hour and a half, and even mentioning people I previously had issues with. They also wanted me to show them a legal document to try to prove that I reported people like I was reported, but I said I didn't want to display my address on air. But they made out I was using stalling tactics, when all I did was get up off my chair to go and look for something I put in a drawer. It's stupid.

    But, yeah: I really think that side of the Internet just ain't for me any longer. I'm not surprised I feel low about this commotion, because I only wanted to talk to other users online about my interests over the past 16 or so years due to being socially inept offline, and really, it just resulted in a colossal waste of my mental energy.

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    Speaking of a colossal waste of mental energy - I'm planning on quitting my 25 year gaming addiction in spring. Just trying to work my way through going cold turkey off 4 at the moment. But gaming will be one I work on next.

    Forums are a bit outdated in terms of a popular format. I think people prefer the rapidity of instant messaging etc. Forums are more niche, and given the ever growing size of the internet, the population of said niches is spread too thin for many forums to really keep up their energy and relevance.

    How strong, how costly, the urge to fight our fate and turn back time. But life is meant to be consumed, not preserved to ward off doom. One can surely die from fear, before the end is ever near.

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    Addictions are hard to overcome. Try to go a week without having something sweet, and the cravings will come back. It is the same with drinkers and smokers. You need something else to fill the void.

    I think it would be tough for me to give up games completely too. I don't play them online with other people, though. But I think these companies just milk everything. I'm still a fan, but I'm wary of them doing that. I know I would be upset if they stopped making them completely, but I just think they were better years ago.

    I was threatened by somebody on Facebook recently to do with some self-defence classes, because I messaged this person to tell them about my issues with a woman named Sara, who used to be my key worker with an autism related company. Sadly, I got into a lot of trouble in the past, but I really just wanted to make amends with her. This all started because people spread rumours. She also accused me of being a negative person because I was always complaining about things, which I guess I do, but it all comes down to anxiety. That is just down to stress and feeling angry at other people for either picking on me, or not understanding me. For example, people I meet think I just ramble about things too much because people with autism are chatty, and they use terms like "mental", which implies I am not viewed upon as being a normal guy. Autism makes my life hard, but it is not just that. Imagine a life of fear where you can hardly even go in a shop without feeling uncomfortable.

    Unfortunately, I have been to places such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, and I have gotten nowhere talking to anybody that is supposed to "help" people with their problems. No lawyer will help me to get my criminal record expunged. I have contacted legal aid lawyers about it too. In fact, I had made an appointment to see somebody a few weeks ago. Before I was due to go to the firm, I decided to send an email to them to make explaining everything easier. After that, I got some excuse and had to try elsewhere. This is the pattern.

    Basically, I lost this woman as my support worker because people blabbed that I liked her, and after she was removed with another woman for similar reasons, the people in charge lied to me, and it happened with the other woman too. Later on, I got remanded in jail after months of feeling frustrated. The staff members in charge screwed me over and denied it. Hell, why call the police and then say they never did that? How stupid is that?

    Months later, I lost my old flat because of it too, when they got me to end my tenancy after saying I had rent arrears, even though that was all paid for me.

    Sara has moved away from Edinburgh, but when I contacted her in the past or her ex, I got arrested a lot and I went to prison for breaching the court orders. Yet this is really all because she acted different and betrayed me. When I first worked with her, she was fine. It is hard for me to even type about her now. But she changed after being nice at first. This is the thing. Somebody is nice to you, then they change. You want answers. You are left wondering what the heck just happened. Maybe you don't really know some people. Like, I never knew her for long, but to do what she did, it was cruel.

    I have not had any support from any other company, because the social worker I had a few years ago completely wasted my time. Well, it is a long story. I do not trust support workers, because I think they just pretend to be nice, but if you get too close and they know that, they just cut the rope. At the end of the day, I live a lonely life full of regrets. Like, now for example, I go around thinking, "I wish I had never met her" and so on. But I did meet her, so mentally, I still dwell on it a lot.



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