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    Oh another fantastic post Ed. thanks for the link, We have a huge difference of age but we have more in common that you guess.
    At least you are following your dream now.
    Your notes about being in work you actually feel like slave, doing what you do not enjoy, it was me in Canada for long 26 years. Till my hubby won the compensation from insurance company and we could relax, I immediately registered the business, rented a booth on market and started selling. I finally could sell my herbal products, and what is more, i have returning customers happy with help I can provide using my talent, and knowledge. From being a young girl i was interested in medicine, but I have PSTD witnessing (as a child) few deaths, I am like a dog get attach to people very easy, and they do accept and like me,
    for the last few years I am making sure, I spend a few minutes a day appreciate what I have; beautiful home, very nice car, beautiful grandchild and supporting partner, even in most times he does not understand why I am upset or down. I tried marketing online but it is difficult for me, I do enjoy talking to people and show what I do and what i know. Sometimes I am surprised how much knowledge I collected in years of being sick and trying to help myself with natural healing.
    I sell once a week on Saturdays , it is long day over 10 hours,but very satisfying. That's my social life , I can not do more, I quit doing the shows it takes too much from me.
    Our world is so crazy that sometimes I completely close myself to any news or interaction. It is too much. The world is exhausting. I think you should follow your dream , I agree with your dad's friend, Do not waste the time.
    you are as tall as my ex husband. I like it, Piercing ; I do not have a lot of them but some, They do not bother me, at all. A lot of my customers have piercing and tattoos but in the moment they smile i do not see it, I see kind people. Thank you so much for the beautiful post, You just made my day, I love to read people stories,
    A lot of people stop at my booth and I made a lot of friends there, They do not care that i have heavy accent, They want to talk to me and tell theirs story. I love listening people. That is one of my talents. I am a very good listener and I have a good memory
    I had worked in nursing home for over 6 years, made a lot of friends there, even my heart was broken when someone died, The residents helped me a lot with my English.
    Finally I was so heart broken that I found a job in dental laboratory; I honestly hated , Very hard job, and I had accident there when I was lifting dental stone. When there is despair then the solution comes. Works comp paid for my college, and I finally had a few years when I did what I love the most; learning.
    Yes learning is something that help me with anxiety and depression. As long as I learn new things I am ok ) Wow I should proof reading . but I also need to go to workshop to work on products . Till next post Ed
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    ''“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”
    ― Rabindranath Tagore



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