Day 5 now. Things are moving along nicely. I gave away all my weed to a friend for free. He was rather shocked how much I gave him.

As for the porn side of things, a couple of brief urges, but all rather tame. Especially when compared to other cravings I've had in the past, such as quitting drinking - the porn side of things has been fairly easy.

I think this is because I'm not going for a no masturbation policy. I simply wish to give up porn. It's strange how difficult quitting anything can be. At the end of the day I suppose that difficulty is somewhat self imposed. Much like success - our problems are usually self made. Giving up an addiction in essence is as simple as not doing something. It takes less effort to not do something than do it. So what's the problem? It's all internal.

Gone with a new ISP that'll be set up in a week or so. Setup an adult filter on it along with one for Firefox. Again, I simply view these as token gestures. They're not even safety nets to be honest, if I wanted to look at porn I'd know they were activated and simply switch them off.

Going back on giving something up always feels fruitless. No matter how convinced you are that it'll be worth it, or that it can be moderated - the actual act and result is always an anti-climax. Then comes the guilt, and the realisation the counter has reset and you're starting all over again. Personally I see no sense in going backwards, and every reason to move forwards.

Porn is a toxic medium and I'm glad to be rid of it. Sure, it's early days - but that's not to say it's not easy to see what a depraved industry it is.