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    Desperately need help of any kind

    Hi there,
    my name is marl and I have joined here in the hope I can get help or advice to attempt to cope with anxiety/depression.
    I have suffered it for a long time and could just about cope with it. Recently though it's ramped up and is almost unbearable.
    It takes a lot of energy to do anything. Visit freinds, eating, art ( i am an artist so that is painful). All I want is to be unconcious. I feel like I have no appetite for anything and that is very frighening feeling. I feel close to tears and constantly have a hot feeling in my chest which insists on reminding me things are wrong. I guess I can talk about that here eventually, I don't really have any way to vocalise what I'm going through. I am pretty scared right now.
    sorry to waffle

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    I would start with visiting a doctor, then meditation (will calm you down) then maybe therapy if you are open to idea of talking to stranger about yourself. I am senior living with anxiety for whole life , Eventually you will change your response to stress. I know nothing about you. Maybe you are the person who like to talk to others and do calm this way.
    I am also an artist and we are super sensitive to surrounded world and situation. You will never lose your sensitivity and creativity, and this is good in my opinion. When the meds made me feel like zombie, I had switched to meditation. It was suggested to me but very original psychiatrist, a this time, He was very innovative ; helping people to manage health without the medication.
    It is very difficult to vocalize the way you feel. Believe me I was there , I felt everything you do . I am living with anxiety for 60 years and managing it ok . I still have days when I have to take meds cause of panic attack or heightened sensitivity but not that often.
    Welcome to the forum Marl. No many people are active here, but a lot of old timers come to check the threads.
    ''“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”
    ― Rabindranath Tagore

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    Marll, have you ever seen a psychiatrist and/or a therapist before, and if so, how much and how long?

    The good news, Marll, is that you don't have to fight your depression and anxiety issues all by yourself. Their are many mental health providers out there who would love to help you.

    And we'd like to help you here on AnxietyForum.net as well, Marll.



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