Years ago, I was seeing a psychiatrist whom I liked personally. But I didn't think he was a good doctor.

The biggest problem I had with him was that he didn't always know what to do when it came to prescribing me medication. I felt he was way too conservative in prescribing medication. He actually had a reputation for that.

While I was seeing him, I was having serious anxiety issues. I was a nervous wreck back then.

When I'd see this doctor, I would tell him about how bad my anxieties in general were. I told him that we need to do something regarding my medications.

And often he'd tell me that he didn't know what to do. Also, I knew two other patients of his that told me that they had the same problem with him as I did.

Chances are, the reason he didn't know what to do is that he was afraid of prescribing psychiatric medication to me and his other patients because of the potential side effects meds can cause.

At the time, I was on four different psychiatric pills. Of course, that's a lot of medications. But I wasn't on the right medications. The medications weren't working well enough for me.

Patients being overmedicated is a problem. But being undermedicated is a problem too. And this was the only psychiatrist I've worked with who sometimes didn't know what to do. All other doctors I've seen over the years would do something for me, such as prescribing me a new medication, or increase the dosage of a pill that I was already on.

That's why I feel this psychiatrist should have done more for me.