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    my breathing troubles with anxiety and asthma

    so i have decided to put everything on here in the hope of looking for help and advice. So ten years ago i had a mental break down and bad anxiety developed and around the same time i was told i had asthma and i didnt really focus on that at the start but around 7 years ago i started to really focus and be aware of my breathing, and i have been on pretty much every asthma inhaler there is i think. I know i worry and focus on my breathing and i am back in therapy for my anxiety now and im currently on symbicourt, ventolin and montelukast tablets. My peak flow is always around 600, at the moment i have a lot of mucus stuck and you can hear it when i cough. Does mucus sit in the airways though? Thats something i dont know. I started smoking a month ago for the first time in 8 years due to a bad moment in my life but i am reducing them now and have a stop smoke thing at the doctors next week along with a spirometery test if thats how you spell it, to see whats going on with my lungs and if my anxiety is making more of this than it should. I have also started to get back in to the gym and yesterday i did a light weight session and then 5 miles on the exercise bike and i didnt need my rescue inhaler.
    Thanks if anyone took the time to read this and any advice/opinions on what i have wrote is very welcome.

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    Demigod 17, I think it's great that you're back in therapy and are also trying to quit smoking. It sounds like you're really trying to help yourself.

    How has exercising at the gym worked out for you so far? Is it calming you down or giving the runners high?



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