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    Thank you very much how does it taste? Mine taste like water that comes from mountain, Much better testing that the reverse osmosis water I used brita for years Sal but I had never like it, but I could not afford better filter, Only specialized filters will remover Fluoride, I stopped drinking tap water about 10 years ago and I noticed after some time, probably a year or so that my meditation is much easier, A lot changed, Fluoride they poison us is calcifying pineal gland the gland that some people believe (including me) that it is direct phone line to our creator, or universe or however people call the universe consciousness
    I try to grow as much herbs and veggies as possible but it is sometimes to hard to take care of this huge garden, I do not have any fruit or fruit trees, It is mine regret , instead of making rock garden I should just put some berries and two apple trees , well I can not have everything
    I really miss having a dog, any dog which comes to me looking for place to live will be welcome. Do you have pets ladies and gents?
    ''“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”
    ― Rabindranath Tagore

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    Smart water to me tastes like regular bottled water. We had dogs for many years and I love them and miss not having one. The last dog we had, he had to be put to sleep at age 14, as he was very sick. His name was Richard and he was put to sleep in June 2018. Our prior dog, who also had to be put to sleep at 14 years old, as she had blood cancer. I miss dogs, but I still think about Misti and Richard sometimes as they were like part of the family. Prior to both of them, I always had dogs growing up and there names were Lucky, Patches (who got killed by a car), and Missy. Lucky and Missy both lived to ripe old ages, but poor Patches got loose and got killed at only around a year old. It was terrible.

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    The reason I use a ceramic gravity filter is that most of the good minerals are not removed. I'm lucky I live in a town that does not use fluoride.

    Once I work out if we are moving or not, I will look into growing silverbeet. Always love my silverbeet. These days it's mostly stalk in the supermarket and much less of it for the money.



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