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    Hey Dahila and Kuma..

    Hope you both are doing okay.

    Tbh.. Its not so that much the concern about dependence (not saying you shouldn't be concerned about that), its more of a concern that even after being on it long-term (as I was), doctors can pull it right from under you - just like that. It happened to me and I never ever abused them (Benzos). At least that is what is happening here in the states to countless people. Its a sad situation here, but we pay the price for those that do abuse meds I guess.
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    I am in good situation; in my age who cares if I get addicted to them. I will be gone soon enough )
    I know doctors sometimes like stupid beings. This is why I have a lot of spare pills. Just remember; pharma likes to have sales but benzos have such long life time, you can easily keep the spare. I only do not keep antibiotics cause they have a shorter life time
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