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    Feeling Like A Human Guinea Pig

    Their are lots of components required for a person with mental illness to go from being overwhelmed by it to being able to defeat it and live a happy, productive life.

    For many individuals, one of those components is to get on psychiatric medication(s) that works well for him or her.

    Everyone's brain chemistry is different. So one psychiatric medication may work quite well for one person, and not at all for another.

    And for some people, it can take a long time for the psychiatrists to get a person on the right medication(s). It's trial and error.

    It took doctors a long time to get me on the right medication. I'd try pills under the psychiatrists orders after another. And most of those meds didn't help me.

    As a result, the doctors would have me take pills. And when they weren't working, they'd have to take me off of those pills and try other meds. This kept happening.

    Hence, I started feeling like a human guinea pig.

    However, the doctors had to in order to find me the right medication. It had to be done.

    Lots of psychiatric patients, especially ones who are medication resistant, feel like human guinea pigs. But they must realize that it often has to be done. After all, some people can't survive without being on the right medication(s).
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    Glad it's working for you. That merrygoround trip never worked for me or anyone in my family. All the doctors and kings horses could never settle us in the way the medical model advertises. It's not for everone.

    I have paccification meds. Thats about it. Works well enough when I am at my end. The lessor of two evils. That's the nutshell, be end and all at the end of my list of labels.

    Once again, glad you have found somthing that works well for you.

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    Good to hear Mike. I'm 46 (closer to 47) and they still haven't even a clue what to do with me.

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    My wife is a pharmacist and she told me that in many instances it comes down to trial and error when using medications.



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