Some trauma survivors elect to seek a qualified therapist to learn how to cope with what happened to them. Many find it to be quite useful in helping them try to move on with their lives.

However, what if you want to seek counseling but aren't emotionally ready to talk about past traumatic experiences? What if you find it too hard to talk about it, but you still want to see a psychotherapist?

Here's good news...not all therapists will make you talk about it.

Some therapists who specialize in trauma therapy won't work with a client who isn't willing to talk about past trauma. They believe that just talking about today's issues won't work. And I don't blame them.

However their are other trauma therapists who encourage their clients to talk about past trauma. But they don't force them to talk about it and will work with you to try to deal with today's issues.

Then there are other therapists who don't believe that talking about past trauma actually works and will just talk to you about how to deal with today's issues. If you tell them that you've experienced trauma in your life, they'll just tell you to move on and will just talk about today's issues.

If you are willing to talk about past trauma, then a good trauma therapist can teach you skills to help you cope with what happened. But if you want to see a therapist but find it too difficult to talk about past traumatic experiences in your life, not all therapists will require you to talk about it.