So, the issue is this: Two smackheads made a series of videos on YouTube, mocking this dude who plays the Resident Evil games, and I was sticking up for him a year ago. This all came about because they weren't happy with how he was supposedly misleading the fan base in his content. After that, they made videos about me too, including using a clip from one video I posted where I was touching a mouse. Although I uploaded videos to prior channels talking about them too, and they used footage of these videos in a response type manner.

Google hasn't removed their videos, and I've filed a few complaints already, pointing out that they're abusing me. I'm sure they're countering my complaints by saying it falls under criticism, in which case, Google aren't deleting their videos due to that loophole. But I even specified the time points in the complaints as to what parts of the videos had remarks that break their terms of service, but I'm not getting anywhere. One of these gentlemen is aware that I doxxed him.

Eventually, they resolved their feud with this other guy they were targeting before me, and although they decided to remove the video rants about him, likely to hide the fact that this all started due to them bashing him, they are refusing to delete the videos about me. In fact, they've also notified the guy I supported (called Nemesis) in some attempt to make me look bad.

I'm considering reporting one of them to the police. I was meant to do it several months ago, but I was kept busy with other things, and it's a lot of hassle. I'd have to take it up with my local police first, and get them to forward a message onto the boys in blues, because he lives in Illinois. They also had one of their Twitter followers (known as James Cash) attempting to upload my old videos to, which I had to report. In these videos they made, they refer to me as a paedophile, woman beater, manchild, and an inbred monkey, and saying the guy I defended is my "senpai" (or mentor) and so on and so forth. They also stated that I was in jail, but that was because I contacted former support workers I had with an agency to do with autism.

I'm really sick and tired of these twats online screwing up things for me. I've been a fan of the Resident Evil series since I was about 14, but now I cannot be bothered with it. For the most part, anyway. This is partly because the games kind of suck now, but it's mostly because the fan base is so toxic. That Nemesis guy I defended last summer, well... he felt like my very last chance to make something of this stupid BS that started in like 2003 or something. Being that we share a similar passion, I thought things might have worked out okay. But then they had to come along and mess that up as well.

This is really nothing new with the Internet. I've been to just about every fan forum that has ever existed about this franchise, and they're all full of idiots that cannot be rational about other people's opinions. Most of these message boards closed down years ago, and nobody hardly ever posts on the forums that remain, which means that if you post, hoping to gain some feedback, you may not even get a response. YouTube is pointless too, seeing as how nobody is interested in anything I have to say on that site either, and I don't have fancy editing skills. Simply put, no one really cares about my YouTube stuff at all. Essentially, I feel like the past 16 years has amounted to being nothing more than a huge waste of my time. It genuinely annoys me that I have nothing to show for my great efforts.

I also have this crazy New Zealander, or perhaps Australian nutter, who is stalking me on countless forums. He also pestered me on Wikipedia in the past. He obsessively harasses me on one forum in particular, spamming on it pretty much every day. Although I stopped posting there a while ago, he has been hanging around there constantly and registering countless profiles, just to be an idiot. The admin left it virtually dead, and there's no moderators any longer, which means he can just flood the forums with as much crap as he wants, until the admin logs in again and bans his accounts. All he does is make posts with his numerous aliases, and even responds to his own comments like a moron, then deletes some of the posts. But normally, this is just so he can leave a ton of spam in his wake.

Usually, it's just posts that consist of nothing but insults about how I cannot act in films, and posting dirty flash images, including one of his poop laying on a picture of me in a toilet. He gives the threads abusive titles... with my real name on show, and also says derogatory statements about my family. He also sent people to my friend's house a few years back, because we made a web series, and his address was giving away from that.

I'm sure I found this creep on Twitter too, because he posted a photo of himself and his dog on a forum. The forum was removed, but I printed off some of his posts from 2017 and kept them to show to the police a while ago. This was before I even found this guy, that I suspect is him, on Twitter. I'm sure it's the same guy, just from looking at his main photo. I'm quite certain that it's the same dog he has with him as well, and even if that's not the same person on Twitter that was a member of that forum, I know the guy on Twitter is somebody that I clearly remember from a website to do with a company called Capcom. And Capcom makes the Resident Evil games. So... I'm sure that it is bound to be him.