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    so sick of this feeling of i cant breath properly

    Hi all, so this has been a big issue of mine on and of for the last 6 years. But now its driving me mad, i have asthma or so i am told i do but that started the same time as my break down 10 yrs ago and i am on meds for that and i am told my asthma is ok. But what seems like all day everyday it feels like i can never get a full breath, i have been docs so many times, blood pressure, oxygen levels etc are all normal i have also had an ECG about a month ago and that was fine also
    I can also do an hours gym session without the feeling getting worse but still i think theres something wrong.
    How have you dealt with this issue??
    Many Thanks

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    I live with asthma for 65 years, and I have also COPD. Man what you experience is just anxiety and health anxiety. Asthma is very well controlled with meds nowadays, it is not dangerous disease anymore, listen to doc , all tests are coming back good, stop trying to make yourself sick. Most times we do program yourself to get sick. about 20 years ago I was reacting to stress having problems breathing and my puffs did not help. Then I got the idea that I make myself sick to avoid confronting my problems . I was raising two children in new country, got divorced and had not much of language skills.
    ''“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”
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