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    Ed I think that 99% of people have anxiety or depression. It is a sigh of our modern times ,
    ''“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”
    ― Rabindranath Tagore

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    Another perspective, is that an ideal world would drop the concept of money so that the need for a job would no longer exist. Then one would have all the time to do as they wish. There would be no need to foster purpose, positivity and motivation as the need to thrive would be completely unnecessary. Once it's realized that we can have all we want without believing in ideals designed to limit us, then greed would also no longer exist.

    We are what we say we are. We all choose the paths we take.
    But it's much easier to believe there is a larger system that has our best interest in hand. Which is why most people subscribe to working, thriving and endlessly searching for possy wossy feelings. It's how we are kept reliant. But we don't live in an 'ideal' (a deceitful term itself) world. Instead we live in one that creates ideals with the 'soul purpose' to keep us all in a perpetual state of fear always feeling needy and dependent on others. This keeps us vulnerable to deceptive ideals/individuals and events that seemingly exude positive vibes, compassion and love with the promise to give all that one desires.

    So whilst completely deluded and having no idea we are in a prison without bars, we instead think we are players who have meaning either going off to work wishing we had more. Worse is to beleive because you don't have a job that you don't deserve to exist, whilst those that have see themselves above others that they themselves consider to be less. Such has always been and is our indoctrination that we refer to as ideals.

    Before you can dream, muster and or create a so called 'ideal' world/existence, I propose that we would do far better to identify how it is that current ideals keep us from thinking and feeling for ourselves. How ideals are designed to keep us trapped. Focus more on how it is that deception works like a wolf in sheeps clothing. Keep the masses feeling inferior, fearful, shameful and all that. Make them like a mass of dazed individuals racing for the bright light also know as a bug trap. ZAP!!! That light is the wolf in sheeps clothing. To extend it further I would not call it Satan or some other wizz bang culturally accepted version. It's more or less and extension of someone who the victims voted in - agreed to.

    Agreements. You see it's very important that we all agree to be the people whom we see ourselves to be. This is how traps are made and sold off as ideals. There is nothing more convincing than an agreement mixed in with a herd mentality. It's in the way we are set up psychologically (fear based) - the way in which we are influenced with personalized stories that leave us racing to that light of agreement. Yes I am not worthy, Yes I can do better, Yes I need you, Yes I will bow down and play this game.

    No this explanation is not derived from a conspiracy as too, like the word ideal, the term conspiracy is used to demonize the truth. What's important is to understand how it is that 'We are what we say we are. We all choose the paths we take.'Once you fathom the importance of that and how it relates to controlling the collective, THEN - there are options to use the same brainwashing techniques to let go of all that BS and instead, make the most out of nothing.

    NOTHING! - This is what meditation can help us achieve. Gives us the head space to see things as they really are as well as the fortitude to fall away and embrace the void so often used to keep us in a state of fear. Meditation when enacted upon without making it an act or trying to achieve is the very opposite of all that we have been taught. This is probably why most of us fail so miserable when entering into such a practice as it's been marketed today.

    Unfortunately I think very few people will understand what I am trying to say as so epic is this worlds dysfunction. But that's OK - I know what I mean. See it like so (fathoming) is the only way I can make less painful choices the give me some kind of solace that then help me create what I term as moments of peace. I have many many certified labels that require renewing from time to time. However, I do my best not to identify with those complicated diagnoses. Instead I do better to fathom just how much power I still have left and how much it needs not anything that this world and it's society has to offer.

    There is nothing wrong with US - there never was. It's just easier to keep us believing in such things.
    'We are what we say we are. We all choose the paths we take.' I have always struggles with choice and said so many times in here. Perhaps better said for those of us that have been molested, raped, beaten, tortured, that whilst such evil can massively impact us and effect us for a lifetime to come, that ultimately in the end we still choose what we are to become. That in itself should be enough to move on, but the addiction to victim-hood is played upon with our glorified ideals - thus keeping many of us in that state of fear. It's a merry go round from there. The possy wossy's on one side pushing it to the victims who in turn then push it back to the idealists who are both. It keeps spinning round and round until the day ones finally had enough. Sadly for some, they will never get off. Thus hell on Earth.

    I won't even it like that though. They say there is hope. You get to come back. heheheheheheeeee

    Just meditate and go to the void!

    Good Luck.



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