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Thread: Help please

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    Help please

    Went doctor today about iron level, said oh j have heart palpitations with near 2 weeks , then told me by looking at my last blood test 3 months ago had that my cholesterol was just a little high. I so worried that I have a heart attack. Im so stressed about it .my mam says it my anxiety is acute . I have tingling sensations, sying all time, worry about stuff, so on. Please tell me some advice

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    Cholestoral can be reduced through lifestyle changes.

    Other than that, the rest of the symptoms are due to stress. Reacting to these symptoms with more stress allows them to continue and maybe get worse.

    You have to accept that these symptoms are due to stress. Don't try to fight the sensations. Let them be. They can't hurt you. Don't try to convince yourself you're ill - it might feel like you are. In reality your mind is stressed and probably tired, and so your body will become stressed and tired.

    It will pass eventually, you just have to remind yourself it's just anxiety and to carry on with your normal day.

    How strong, how costly, the urge to fight our fate and turn back time. But life is meant to be consumed, not preserved to ward off doom. One can surely die from fear, before the end is ever near.

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    When I stopped eating sugar, grains, bread of course on 2016 my cholesterol went down so fast. My doctor does not want me to do the tests , he does not believe that high cholesterol is causing heart attack or strokes, He is up with newest research, My hubby have high cholesterol (he eats whatever he likes) it is always too high, The doc does not believe ins stuffing patients with statins, It is too risky . I was on statins and suffered with awful muscle spasms ,,,,,,,finally I quit this shit and started Keto , modified keto High fat low carbs, I keep blood glucose on really good level
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