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    I went to the ER :-(

    I went to the ER Wednesday night, convinced was having a stroke or something. I was home alone watching tv and found myself unable to understand/follow what was going on. This sent me into a full blown panic attack. My son picked me up and took me to ER. Everything was ok except my blood pressure was crazy. I was still in a panic when I got there and t was 151/100. It spiked when I panicked again to 174/120. They let me go home convinced it was spiking to to my anxiety. I bought a BP cuff the next day and have been checking it randomly. It's still high. I'm 37 and totally worried I'm going to stroke out or have renal failure or something. I have another appointment with my reg doctor tomorrow. I don't want to be on BP meds already, but this may be the only answer. Anyone else ever had similar experience?

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    Hi I was not young when I got the high blood pressure, My trigger was putting down, my loyal dog . I had her over 12 years, and it was difficult even the vet came to home. Immediately I got sick but I was in such shock I could not breathe, I checked it and it was very high. From regular 90/60 my whole life I went over 160 , from this time on I am on meds, Sure my bp spikes as soon as I get upset , stressed, eh I think you should use meds, it is better to be safe than end as vegetable
    Strokes happen to younger and younger people so talk to doctor
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    I went to the ER

    I got a 06 monte ss,one night i started the car and both lights went out at same time.i checked fuses and they looked good checked bulbs those where fine.i looked for relay for headlight but I dont see it,is there one?i dont know what else it could be.any help would be appreciated,thanks

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    It's normal for BP to go up when you're panicking, it doesn't mean you have high BP and need to be on meds. It's only if it's high when you're at rest.



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