Years ago, I went to a community mental health agency for treatment for my issues with mental illness. There, I was set up with a therapist to help me cope with my illness.

I didn't find this therapist to be a good fit for me. Hence, after I saw her for a few sessions, I elected to go with another counselor at the mental health center.

At first, I was a little bit worried that by me going with a new shrink, this therapist may get in trouble with the higher ups at the center.

However, I learned later on that their was no need for me to worry. I found out that at community mental health centers such as this one, clients decide to stop working with a therapist that they don't find to be good fit on a regular basis. Every counselor who works at an agency like this one gets fired.

So if you seek treatment at a mental health agency and are set up with a therapist whom you don't think is a good fit for you and you want a new therapist as a result, don't worry about getting the therapist you've decided not to work with anymore in trouble.

Besides, it's not your fault if a therapist isn't right for you anyway.