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    How to get life back on track, (when not motivated)

    Hi good people,

    I see so many talking about not knowing how to get their life on track, because they lack motivation. So I made a video on this very subject on my YouTube channel. IF your interested, hereís the link >> https://youtu.be/TsfJwlUYUog

    Iím not selling anything and there are no links in the video.

    Much Love,


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    Great Share ... Here are my thoughts / comment I left on YouTube:

    The opening of the video telling me to be more afraid was a turn off from the get go. We enough promotion of fear so on this I disagreed. That said, I liked your contrasting of the extroverted Tony Robinson Mind set of being struck with a lightening bolt and making loads of money yet you later depicted success with a man in a suite holding a suite case. The latter kind of made me think the context of that image was the same as the Tony Robinson Mind Set. THAT SAID - I do like your analogy of the house with a wooden fire place and the coming to terms in order to light that fire. At the half way point you started selling fear again and this is where I stopped caring to watch any further. The way to finding motivation is certainly different for different folks. Back at the UK Anxiety Forum ... for those fairly active in that rather inactive place ... we kind of operate differently from your average crowed and not sure that others would respond well to some of the triggers I myself see ... however I really can't talk for them. I see your heart is in the right place ... but language is such a sensitive thing, so too the images we use to make whatever points.Please do not take offence. I leave my feedback so you might consider in the future what some triggering words and topics might be. Definitely do not use fear to sell your otherwise very valid points. Do not point out the futility of today's overly sold success philosophy and then use a man in a suite to depict that point yourself. Does any of that make sense? The analogy with living in the past or at least in a house that needs wood to keep warm ... well that worked well for me. Unfortunately like I said, you continued telling me and others that we should be afraid and then this is where I completely switched off and decided to leave you this feed back. Other than that I can see your making progress with others and that's a good thing. For some of us older ones more worn out ... it's not so much about fear but more about being tired. It is a different story of sorts. Once again I mean no offense and have head issues to be sure ... I am just saying it might be worth considering using other terms and being more careful with the use of images as many icons and or atypical ones tend to conflict with previous points.Don't mind me ... I'm just trying to help in my own twisted way. Great videos all round. Keep doing what your doing. It's obviously helps you and many others. You can't please us all. : ) Although your wishing to share like so does please me. Thanks for the share.~ Dave from the UK AF / Fourm.



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