decided to taper off Klonopin. I have been taking 0.5 mg twice a of 1 mg a day. I am going to taper off by cutting to 0.75 mg to start and then do a slow tapering to nothing.

years ago I was on 5mg a day for about a year or so and 1mg+ for about 4 years before that. my doctor told me to taper off of it because at the time I was taking 4-5mg a day while drinking a lot of beer. I was drinking for 8 straight months daily while taking 4-5mg of klonopin. the withdrawals were pretty bad.

I was wondering do you think the withdrawal will be easier because now I have not drank any alcohol is almost 15 years and the amount of klonopin I take is only 1mg instead of 4-5mg from before. thanks. I also do feel better in general than I did last time.