There's this guy who surely must be an adult, who has been annoying me for almost 2 years, and I'm also very sure he's some loser I probably know from even before that. And I know he's from New Zealand as well, because he left his IP address from Spark on Wikipedia once. Although an administrator deleted the edit he made to conceal it, and he was banned a lot before I even knew of him, because there's a sock puppet investigation on there concerning his alternate pseudonyms. He also replied on one of my YouTube videos once, being like, "Oh ha-ha. Thanks for mentioning New Zealand!"

He went on a Resident Evil forum once, and saw me posting about being in films, and I said that the people running IMDb were stupid because they didn't add movies to Sylvester Stallone's page that I know he is in as an extra, after I provided evidence for them to submit these. He has since tried to vandalize my own IMDb page and put fake posters on pages, and add crap to my filmography. Plus, I noticed he attempted to upload my videos to torrent sites. Somehow, he ended up following me to Fandom, where there's also a wiki for actors. It had been known as Wikia for a long time. It's basically like Wikipedia, but it seems to be totally dead, even with a name change. Well, I don't know for sure, but I think he asked to be an administrator with one name, while using other aliases concurrently in order to commit deception. Now, if that's not madman material, I don't know what is. This is why I'm quitting forums by the end of 2019 and I will NOT look back.

He does nothing but troll forums I go on, and signs up dozens of accounts. And this is all because he encountered me elswhere years ago and holds a grudge over video game opinions, or whatever the hell his motive is. He has so many names, though. Ones with stupid titles like Gimpy, Toilet, Slackjaw, and God only knows what else. He spammed the hell out of one site called Love Forum - because there's no moderators on there. No, I'm not kidding. He even defecated on a printed off picture of me and made a flash image of himself flushing it with his poop, then posted it to that site. He said all this other derogatory stuff about me, and also several of the active members who told him to move on.

Due to all the free proxies and VPN apps available, it's almost impossible to get rid of a loser like him. The only reason he exposed his IP address on Wikipedia is because many proxies don't work on there, and he edited something without logging into an alias. So I contacted Spark, initially by emailing them. No one replied. I've did a live chat with technicians too and once I called them, but this guy at his ISP said they would only act if the police got involved. The thing is, I don't know this guy's real name or address, and I'm in the UK. All I have on this dude is one IP address from late 2017, and a photo of who he said was him and one of a dog, and that's it. But I'm sure they would know who had been using that subnet, at that time. How do you think they catch sex offenders? Maybe this is what they could try. I'm honestly not sure how this type of thing works. But it was definitely not a proxy.

Now, he even has a YouTube channel. One where he uploads videos spoofing my user names, or incidents in my life. And I reported one video because he was making fun of a guy in one of my videos, who has a disability. He is also aware that other YouTubers have been making videos, because I acted like a white knight for another person who was getting harassed, to begin with. However, this guy is an absolute nutter. But I don't suppose you know if calling the fuzz in his 'neck of the woods' Kiwiland would do any good, since I have little to go by.

The videos he has uploaded on his ridiculous new YouTube account, I assume are supposed to be a mockery of situations I was involved in before, and can somebody please tell me why he is using a glove? It wouldn't at all surprise me if he has an anal fetish. Thankfully, he has been giving the boot from some forums. Notice how he menacingly crumples up a printed off picture that was actually used as a poster for a short film I didn't get a role in. But I was meant to, because I pledged money to the person who made it back in 2017 and he knows all of this, just from stalking my posts. This guy is well and truly nuts either way. Like... Norman Bates from the movie Psycho is considerably tame compared to him.

I'm telling you like it is: I think he is deranged, and he kind of makes me feel somewhat unsafe on the Internet.