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    Can you develop different anxiety symptoms after generalized anxiety for years?

    Hey all,

    I rarely deal with anxiety as I have in the past but I'm trying to figure out if this new onset of symptoms is related to anxiety or indicative of something else. The only times I ever get anxiety anymore is if I drink for a few consecutive days and its remedied by simply not drinking or some minor stuff like being overworked. Lately though, I have been experiencing these sudden jolts of dizziness which then causes severe anxiety and sometimes even borders on a full blown panic attack. It's been years since such feelings have plagued me and I'm definitely not liking it lol.

    I'm hopeful that its simply a combination of being burnt out from working so much this year, needing a vacation which is coming up next week, and the fact that we will be moving into our dream fixer upper house next month. What doesn't make sense with that scenario is that I've dealt with so much more stress and hell in my life in the past yet such symptoms never appeared. I mean, I've been through some serious life altering situations yet never had anxiety at all. So I'm mainly curious is if I've dealt with intermittent anxiety for quite a few years and have been in much more stressful situations, can I still experience a new onset of symptoms?

    Just now as I'm typing this, my anxiety is almost nonexistent yet I just got this crazy 1 second spinning sensation that throws me off for a minute. My ears also fill up and the pressure in my head is ridiculously tight and I can feel my pulse in just about every part of my body. I can sit with the laptop on my legs and see it moving because my heart will beat so hard. Generally when I have anxiety, it's just the normal jittery,uneasy, almost dehydrated feeling which is no big deal. I'll get heart palpitations also which generally don't trigger anxiety but they definitely do now. It's like I'm more susceptible to triggers for some reason though I'm at a point in my life where it's pretty dang good lol

    One thing of note is that it mainly happens when I'm looking down like I am typing or on my phone so I'm curious if it's more like a vertigo type thing. But if it was vertigo, would it also cause anxiety afterwards? That's my main confusion, can dizziness precede anxiety or is the dizziness caused by a general anxiety that I don't even feel? I mean I can be completely normal doing my thing with no conscious worries then bam dizziness then anxiety. It's never anxiety then dizziness which is what concerns me.

    I look forward to hearing from you all.

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    Your physical manifestations of anxiety sound similar to mine. I get dizzy, feel like I can't breathe, make me think I'm having a heart attack which ultimately leads to even more anxiety. I also get the vertigo sensation if I tilt my head down for too long. Funny you say that the physical symptoms hit you first, and then the anxiety, because that sometimes occurs with me as well. I used to think I might have an actual physical problem, but I always get the thumbs up from doctors. I really think it's just anxiety manifesting itself in various physical ways.

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    Yes; especially if alcohol is involved, as it depletes B vitamins, a deficiency in which may result in dizziness / vertigo.

    Check out https://www.google.com.au/search?cli...UTF-8&oe=UTF-8 such as:

    Vitamins Depleted by Alcohol | LIVESTRONG.COM
    www.livestrong.com › Diseases and Conditions
    Dec 18, 2013 - Among the risks of alcohol abuse are various nutritional deficiencies, ... vitamin deficiencies that involve depletion of B complex vitamins, ...

    Nutrition recommendations for those who consume alcohol - Boulder ...
    Vitamin B3 (niacin)- depletion causes anxiety, depression, apprehension and fatigue. Pantothenic acid- symptoms of deficiency are fatigue, chronic stress and ...

    7 key nutrients alcohol consumption depletes that your body cant affo…
    Oct 8, 2013 - Learn more on how alcohol consumption exceeding the daily limit can block the absorption of vitamins and how Boost Buddy can help you.


    From http://www.vitamindwiki.com/Handout+...-+Gominak+2012 by
    neurologist, Dr. S Gominak:

    "If you have a neurologic problem that is severe enough to see a neurologist, you probably do not heal your body in sleep as perfectly as you once did. Most of us who have headaches, tremor, balance difficulties, vertigo, burning in the feet, depression, body pain, or memory loss have abnormal sleep and, surprisingly, fixing the sleep can fix the neurologic problem. From 2005-2009 I performed sleep studies on most of my patients and used medications or sleep masks to try to help their sleep. In 2009 I accidentally discovered that most of my patients had abnormal sleep because they were vitamin D deficient."

    If you think this applies to you, read the article in full. A deficiency in B vitamins can also cause anxiety.

    Other relevant posts:

    GENERALISED ANXIETY DISORDER: http://anxietyforum.net/forum/showth...989#post223989

    I suggest that you take a 100% natural vitamin B complex daily, from vitamin stores, or Google supplies, as well as a krill oil supplement with a hard coating. Also, get tested for a vitamin D insufficiency through your doctor, or inexpensively via http://vitaminDcouncil.org

    VITAMIN D: My post on it may be viewed at http://anxietyforum.net/forum/showth...476#post228476
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    Thanks for the replies! I don't necessarily think it's alcohol as the symptoms started during a time a few weeks back where we were sticking to a very strict regime of cardio and diet involving chicken breasts and sweet potatoes with veggies. At one point, I suspected low blood sugar as the culprit since it had been a good year or so since I had stuck to such a strict diet and during that year I had been eating pretty bad. I was worried that I had developed a minor diabetic scenario within my body but my symptoms didn't go away once I stopped and started eating bad again.

    As far as the sleep and vitamin aspect, that could very well be the issue as I researched vitamin b deficiency a while back due to my severe exhaustion I have been experiencing over the last couple years. It would ebb and flow but I just attributed it to working an insane amount. Though that may be the case, whenever we go on vacation, this exhaustion isn't present so that lead me to believe it was a mental burn out from work.

    My girlfriend and I definitely haven't been sleeping well as of late. Its a combination of excitement from moving and a mattress that is in desperate need of replacement. I never thought about the sleep aspect causing such maladies.
    I have setup a couple test scenarios thus weekend and next week when we are on vacation. I work my second job this weekend and I don't remember ever having these symptoms there so I'm curious if I get them. If I don't, I feel that my primary job is the root cause of this stress and anxiety. I'm also gonna see if I feel these effects on vacation next week. If I do, I'm going to make sure there isn't a medical cause of this. If I don't, I'm going to have to do some serious reconsideration of my purpose at my primary job and make the appropriate changes as this simply isn't a healthy way to live and no job is worth that.

    We live 5 minutes from the beach and go every other weekend so I doubt it's a vitamin d deficiency but I will definitely look into adding vitamin b to my regimen.

    Thanks again!

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    I dont think its anxiety, i guess its only mind setting on how you think you will feel. sometimes its like that. just saying



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