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    hows everyone doing with there symptoms

    just seeing how everyone is doing lately with there symptoms etc and if anyone has any new tips on how they manage this?
    I have started going to the gym and yoga to try and challenge how i feel, shortness of breath and a tight throat is my biggest worry and having asthma aswell it just gets worse but the doctors say my asthma is ok so it must be anxiety and possibly the last parts of a cold. Also i am sure being around 4/5 stone overweight is not helping me at all either so the gym should help there to
    Thanks for reading

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    My asthma has been bad because of the weather change here, but my medication helps wonders, though not without side effects. Give and take I suppose. I've also gained 10 pounds in 5 months and that certainly doesn't help. Eating crap lately sad to say.

    Hope you're managing better as well.

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    I've been doing well for a long time. But I'd still like to get better at coping with the minor problems and irritations life often throws at you.

    It's normal to get annoyed at the little things. However, I like to think that their's still some room for improvement in that area for me.



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