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    Tips for Making the Most of Therapy - What are yours?

    I'm going to list the following Link as it rings well for me:
    Therapists Spill: 10 Tips for Making the Most of Therapy

    I'm just getting ready for a session now. I'm like bagging session number 40 with my current therapist. You don't have to have many sessions to make them work. If you have experience and gain much from your therapy sessions, please do share.

    Payment & Scheduling Next Appointment First:

    I think I will see if I can go with Tip 7 in above link. Swipe my card first and also make a date for the next session. I'm going to mention this tip when I start today's session explaining I don't like the rushed feeling towards the end. That this order of business will help feel more relaxed and focused throughout the entire session. I'll also tell them they can keep the're little buzzer on toward the end if it makes them comfortable. LOL @ that one. I find it a little off putting, but have grown accustomed to it and understand better why they use it. If we can do business first, perhaps there little buzzer at the end can be my cue to surmise what's been discussed and end on something positive or consolidate all the good stuff.

    The only point of concern here is with some therapists gauging by the end of session if a regularly client may require an extra session. I think that can easily by adapted after the fact. I'll know before hand if I need extra sessions.

    8. Do the work outside your sessions:
    Tip 8 seems fair enough. That might mean different things to different people as not everyone keeps records the same way. Creating my own thread elsewhere in the forum here is one way I have been doing and do such.

    Take or leave any of the tips at the above link. I am so used to hearing what does not work in forums like these that I thought it might make a good change to share or discuss some tips on how to make therapy work. I best get ready for my next session. I personally like to make my sessions work. Why else bother turning up?

    Let us know your thought?

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    Being assertive with your therapist is important.

    Also, I agree with what this article says about usually giving the therapist at least three sessions to see if he or she is a good fit for you.



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