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    How Did Your Xmas Go?

    I pulled my neck and now have to have a scan for cancer. I've been in extreme pain but found the extravagant food at my relatives household helped to make up for my discomfort, and the many other annoyances, that come with traveling and other parts of the festive season.

    I've been in a deep depression prior and during this period 'but now looking forward to my new wave of enthusiasm' as the new year starts.

    That's my story, what's yours?

    Helps to end on a good note ... but as you please.

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    I hope you're right about the new year, I've been dealing with both depersonalization and derealization ever since the 25th, can't shake it sad to say. Not good! I just slept most of the day, I guess. Could've been worse, I suppose. But it didn't cost me a cent though so that was a bonus. I didn't feel like I was missing out on anything I will say that much.

    2018 was bittersweet, I guess I learned new things about myself and things I though I'd already accepted, trouble is they lead me to a darker place, it's hard to explain. Reality is inconstant for me as of late and I never know what I'm waking up to. Some things I can't make sense of (worry about future - can't get back those years to get a do-over) so I'll be happy to leave it behind me. I can't change the past and life is moving quickly. I Will be sober on New Years Eve so I be aware of Jan 1st for a change.

    Anyway.. here's to the new year!
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    I am still paying the price of social interaction. Can not sleep again,
    I ma back into denationalization too. hell
    I am bad , I mean in bad shape right now. sadness takes over NOt good at all
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    ''“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”
    ― Rabindranath Tagore

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    My Christmas was good and uneventful.

    My parents and I ate at 4pm at a hotel restaurant in New Hampshire which had a buffet style dinner. It was good food...especially the deserts.

    My dad would have preferred to have eaten a little earlier in the day. But the hotel didn't have it's Christmas dinner in the early afternoon...only at 4pm on.

    But I didn't mind.

    So yes, it was a good Christmas for me.

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    Hi everyone. Newbie here. My Christmas was just terrible... I told my relatives that I'll have a party with my friends but that was not true. I just took my laptop and worked all night long in a motel. There was no mood for celebrating at all. That's what I do when I'm depressed, I think.



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