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    Fear of asbestos

    For a few years I have a phobia and I can't rid myself of.. I can't afford a doctor to talk to so I need some help on how to fix this myself, I am will to try hard I just need some guidance please? my phobia.. I am afraid to touch certain things.. like I want to play a game, my PS4 but I am afraid to touch the console or controller unless my hands are completely clean and if anything touches me or my hands I can't play and this is torturing me.. what do I do? please someone help.. I can't enjoy anything anymore.. I work and come home and I can't handle this.. what caused this is that I years ago my neighbor was throwing out insulation, pink and yellow, the itchy kind.. I fell against it and was itching badly! ever since I grew a phobia to it.. every time I feel an itch even a little, I think there is asbestos everywhere! it's dug so deep in my mind.. and I noticed my air vent some pink fluff hanging out and some small piece went on my carpet.. I panicked bad! what can I do?

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    I'd probably feel the way. Never inhale that. That's how the actor from The Great Escape died; I heard he used to be a racer, who had suits with that stuff in them!



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