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    anxiety and asthma

    its driving me insane if you saw me you wouldnt think i look like i feel breathless, its almost like that throat feeling when your up all night laughing and you get that wheezy tight throat if that makes sense, i know that description sounds weird though haha my asthma peakflow is a little less than normal, its usually 600/650 tonight its 550/600
    does any of you guys suffer with anxiety and asthma?

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    I do, I think my anxiety has a direct link to Asthma, I am old woman and got my asthma when I was 3 months old, The meds they were feeding me caused shaking and anxiety, like ephedrine, Right now it is so many medication for it, not when I got sick. Constant stay in hospitals added to it,
    The constant fear that I will die (asthma attack) all of it caused my anxiety. When you can not get any air it is like double anxiety. Fear is awful. Right now I am pretty good but there was time when I could not even laugh without shortness of breath, I bet many people have similar experiences
    BTW welcome to the forum
    ''“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”
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    I also have severe asthma i have 3 inhalors and get steroids to relieve my breathless i have to use my reliever as a nebulizer i have to take 10 puffs 8 time a day it makes me feel very shaky for a time so i can relate to how you feel my anxiety makes my breathless worsen i feel you're not alone



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