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    Finding Perspective - It used to be as easy as finding a Look Out.

    A little something to ease your pain. When looking at this, I am sure many will see and feel differently. It is just as many who are listening to the following link (where I found this image) have expressed how sad the music has left them feeling. For me I find much solace in it. There is much irony in how we are all travelling different paths and each experiencing different things, yet we are all cut from the same cloth. Sadly we spend too much time trying to prove how much different we all are only to then persecute each other just for what we claim are facts.


    It's good to take a step back ... or even no longer participate, but simply watch. A great way in finding perspective. It used to be rather a simple act, but today we live such complicated and compulsive lives, that to find a Look Out is no easy task.

    What do I see going on here? First - the Boy and Girl are more like Brother and Sister. Such being a much less painful vision where I find less attachment plays less into preconditioned fantasy that thrives on the needing of others in order to find relief. We all come into this world alone and die alone regardless if blessed with someone holding hand.. Sure it's not so simple ... as we typically land in the hands of others when taking our first breath ... and will no doubt be put off to the side ... with others at our end. Perhaps a point only some of us older ones could understand. That said, time slows when young and caught up ... much wisdom can be found when in a period of vitality and have already suffered much. I smile as I remember well, how such fleeting moments of peace can come from moments of disconnected states of being. In this aspect of the image ... for me to sit with that yearning of boyfriend and girlfriend makes the music take on that depressive feel that many in the comments section of above link so expressed. Such preconditioned images / concepts are what separate us from others and give way to a lot of unhealthy desires ... many that do more to lead to suffering than they do peace. Such addiction/dependency is what our culture feeds and in doing is now rapidly adding to the demise of the pristine background that is now typically imaged rather than truly seen.

    Sigh ... is what it is ... and that too can be turned into an image of solace if viewed in the right way. That illusive meaning of true acceptance. So it is for me ... that I see some of us at different points on a path where perhaps we can each share a spot on that bike, looking out over the water simply observing what is; regardless of the pain. Yet in this I am very mindful of what you say.

    How about we just take that bike for a spin. I wish we could all take a seat on the bike. Let's imagine it so.

    Here is another good link to solace tunes:
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