I feel it's a genuine attempt to share D. Refreshingly so actually. Thanks for linking me up EwaGee. I have my grandson with me now, but look forward to checking out your insights a bit later.

About that D - I am a little perturbed on what I should get to make the most out of it, but your right - it should be a good feeling as is a once in a life time opportunity. It's not enough to get myself or by my wife a car, but it is enough to upgrade some aspects of my lifestyle.

I am srry to hear about the bureaucratic process of life draining like so. I feel the same way with the medical and welfare side of things. I just had a good visit with on Occupational Therapist - OT - or however they are refereed to. I always get confused with their designation as the Occupation side of things sounds like a J-O-B. At the end of today's session I was encouraged as to my understanding and the way I look to manage in a society in which I do not fit. Something like that. I even used the word spiritual in today's session. Something about taking the focus of the clinical text regarding sensory reception in both positive and negative positions. Or is as I was hoping to do when explaining how some sensory perceptions that might trigger me negatively in large shopping centres, can actually lift my spirits when experience in nature. The example I was responding to was lights in a shopping centre and the yes whilst I find those quite annoying, I respond well to light trickling through the canopy of trees in a wooded area. In this context I struggled with many of the questions. It was a sensory questioner ... with many others that I still fathom as not a good way to box people ... BUT ... having said that, I respect the process and the lady's ability in doing what she does.

Hmmm ... I best get back to the little one I have missed him much.

Catch up later.

Thx again EwaGee and hoping the frustration will pass soon enough D.