Over the years, a lot of mental health providers have worked with me to try to help me overcome my problems with bi-polar disorder as well as my anxiety issues. And I'm grateful for their services.

However, one thing I quickly realized as a consumer of the mental health field is that you can't get attached to mental health workers and professionals.


Because mental health providers come and go a lot, especially at community mental health centers.

Years ago, I was in group therapy. And one of the therapists at the group announced to us one day that she was leaving the agency.

When she told us this, some of the other patients became emotional. They liked this provider and didn't want to see her go.

But some of the other patients, including myself, told the others that mental health providers come and go a lot, and you can't get emotionally attached to a provider because of it.

Mental health providers coming and going a lot is an unfortunate fact of life for those of us needing help with mental health issues. Therefore, you can't too attached to a provider as a result.