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    I guess these forums go through cycles of more activity, and less. When I first joined, I saw a lot of activity, but also a lot of acrimony. In particular, there were some people using the forum to evangelize, and others responding with loud intolerance. None of this was even conceivably helpful to anyone suffering with anxiety; it was a sideshow. But I stuck around, and after a while it got better. I found a few people here who gave good advice, and to whom I could relate, and I pretty much ignored the flame throwers and lunatics. Still, this forum seemed generally have a higher level of discord than others I have been on.
    mental health forum.com
    Friends In Need
    no more panic.co.uk
    7 Cups of tea (an app)

    There are many others
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    socialanxietysupport it is also very helpful forum I also use this forum and get lots of knowledge about anxiety.



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