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    I solved the depresison and anxiety puzzle for me

    Hi Guys! (sorry for the spelling error in the headline, could not go back and edit it, for some reason)

    I want to share something that really helped me make BIG improvements with my anxiety and depression. I tried so many things and so few of them worked...until I figured out that I had to remove or at least reduce “supernormal stimuli” from my life. It wasn’t until I did that, that the rest of all the anxiety tools and tricks really started working for me.

    Just made a video where I explain exactly what a supernormal stimuli is and why it is destructive for our brains and why it helped me when I started to reduce them.

    I really hope you guys find this video helpful since I spent a lot of time making it. If you also have tried a lot of stuff, only to find most of it doesn’t work, please take a look, it could be exactly what you need!

    Here is the link >> Is your anxiety and depression is getting worse?

    Stay strong and much love!

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    I solved the depresison and anxiety puzzle for me

    I am not in the same situation, but it really seems you need to talk with your doctor about this. Especially since you dont need any more stress.

    Take care,



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