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    Everyone and Everything Triggers Me

    I get triggered very easily to the point that it takes me days to recover.
    I have been like this as long as I can remember.
    My family is dysfunctional, and other outside people trigger me so badly if they do something rude, wrong or mean to me.
    How can I recover quicker?
    My main triggers are my family, and outside people who hurt me.
    I am tired of verbal abuse.
    All of this is verbal, there is no physical abuse.
    But I really can't take it anymore.

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    Umm.. I could've written that myself word for word. I've said this along the lines here from time to time myself.

    I honest don't know what to say to help other than forgive yourself for being sensitive, not always a bad quality. Try to let the less important things go quicker. Family.. not so easy to shake off, other nasty (inconsequential) people you run across, I would just chalk it up to people can be inconsiderate, also, people these days are at their breaking point and take it out on others.

    I also have a dysfunctional family, and they hurt me without even knowing it now. One thing I do now, I try to take their BS in small doses and limit phone calls to them to certain times a day.

    I think it more that we have the tendency to be oversensitive to the triggers, I will admit that.

    Take care and be easy on yourself - you're only human

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    You can try detaching yourself emotionally from these people. You are hopefully old enough to stand on your own and not depend on anyone else.

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    It's tough when family is not in your corner. Almost all of my family has been very supportive of my nervous breakdown. Almost everyone. My younger brother who I helped raise turned his back on me two years ago because he felt I wasn't living my life the right way because I had to move back in with my parents. 25 years of him and I being best buddies and he just writes me off. My father, just doesn't understand. He thinks that there is a switch I can just turn on and off when I need to. He has never been understanding or sympathetic to my anxiety or breakdowns. It hurts that two people in my life, two people I love, are not only not there for me.

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    It used to be that way with a couple of my children. Each of us had our own way in dealing with the other. As long as each of us kept blaming and shaming none of us made any ground. Thankfully each of us having endured and worked through what we must ... I'm pleased to say that things got much better. We still struggle to fathom the other, but know if we want to be loved, the most effective way is to keep showing it. Even when those you love are not there. Love others in thier stead.

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    Thank you everyone for your responses.



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