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    All in good time ... all in good time.

    arrrrrrr ... that was it. So much for the 5 loaves and 2 fish.

    I love that saying. Those words actually mean something. (the fishing rod example I mean)
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    To finish of with something light ... something to warm your hearts. So anyways ... my grandson has being going to school without shoes. It's a sensory thing. Interestingly enough despite always trying to grab his hands when he does not want to be touched ... they are not pushing the issue with his shoes. Probably because they have done enough damage and we have questioned them on their tact. ANYWAYS ... I'm thinking I go pick him up and take him for a walk. He loves walking with me. I figured I would then talk him into putting his shoes on at least for the walk.

    Long story short he sends my on my way telling me NOPE ... no shoes. I jump back in my car to head back to my home ... pulling over later down the street thinking ... fuck it ... we go for a walk anyways. Who am I to push the issue and deny him what he likes because he does not want to ware shoes. I KNOW ... I'll take him bush walking without shoes - THAT WILL FOR SURE MAKE HIM WANT TO PUT ON SHOES. Yea I do that. So do U turn ... knock on his door. Mum answers. I pop my head is and say "OK! Lets go for a walk ... You don't have to ware shoes!" Unfortunately I don't have a photos of that expression ... but it was priceless to say the least. It gets better:

    As he makes his way down the stairs, I unwittingly and softly said "You win." As we get in the car softly replies "Looser" : ) ... There is actually a funny back story to that where the last time he said it, I was prancing around his yard sing with great joy ... "I am the looser, I am the looser, I am the looser" Think of eddy Murphy singing 'I got an ice cream, I got an ice cream, I got an Iccceeee cream!!! I laugh now because I think of how his mum later says to me "WTF did you do?" I'm like "What do you mean what did I do?" She says something to the effect that my Grandson is prancing around the yard singing "I am the looser, I am the looser, I am the looser!"


    Anywaayyyyys - I share some of my favorite pics of our walk and also link an old favorite video I did about 18 months ago. First the photos: (just snapping away with mobile phone ... nothing special but got some interesting shots that capture well his experience)

    The adventure about to begin - I take him about 2 hundred meters into the scraggly background: (Already he is high on sensory alert as his feet are just getting used to all the twigs and crackling leaves) The thing I look for in these photos is his sensory perception. I think it's awesome and something I myself like about my own sensitivities when it comes to natural states of being. Towards the end of the walk ... what turned out to be a lesson for my grandson ... ended up being a lesson for me, where I told him that the next time we do it (possibly tomorrow) that I will also be going barefoot! I would of taken my shoes off, expect my shoes where the only thing keeping the bottom of my tracksuit pants from tailing under my feet.

    Another sensory shot:

    Getting into the swing of things:

    The Gentle Approach ... Love it. I started pretending to do it without shoes as to teach him how not to get cuts and scratches under his feet. He seems to be a natural. : )

    Just a few more to come ... one moment please ... Loading ....
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    Investigates: We Love Flowers!!!


    OOOOOOOO ... Special : )

    Here's the video of his first Bush Walk we did:

    Just watched it ... This is why we cry D ... knowing how our schools break the spirits of these children. (all children) I definitely got to foster that which the system is intent on taking from him. I think my wife and I have done a good job with our kids all things considered. They like you and I see the BS for what it is. I found video once that explained well how it is that most spiritual people are actually depressed. another topic for another time ... So glad I made that video when I did. I ah so grateful for my grandson and the experience we had and are still having. Definitely something that can not be gained from sitting behind this computer or dwelling on the past. We actually went through the same thing today ... Yep ... need to do a lot more of it. That's healing stuff!!!

    Nigh night ... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Fantastic, he is a beautiful child, and you are incredible with him, he speaks better English that I do. cute cute cute,
    what about barefoot? is it safe in Australia? Or you chose safe place for it?
    I had seen the video already but today it gets in different way to me,
    the way you introduce him to touch, feel, is incredible, I am so impressed . You both Lisa and you must be incredible people.....
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    ''“If you cry because the sun has gone out of your life, your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars.”
    ― Rabindranath Tagore

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    He was at the perfect age to help him make the connections with that which already existed. For all this hierarchy of touch and abuse that is being gauged to weigh peoples suffering as deemed by authorities, the real process of healing is not only far removed from such a system - but is in fact stripped away by our currently values systems. I WILL keep singing that tune, because I should not have to watch this video in order to experience such connections. In fact my acknowledgement of how corrupt and how damaging our society is gives me the wisdom and desire to help my kids. On another tangent ... is how broken people have the potential to make the best connections. The only thing with that analogy is not falling into the trap thinking we need to be broken in order to make said connections.

    You know what I do with my grandson when he comes home from school ... I do my best to undo the damage is what I do. Get down on his level and encourage him to lead his own way. His ability to follow his own intuition is astonishing. All he needs is encouragement, and a sense of feeling secure and safe. One he gets that - watching him find his own way is a lesson for me. I truly hope he and I can stay mates and keep the connections that we make together.

    Thanks for your encouragement D - You have helped my find my own way too.

    Walking in the bush with or without shoes is dangerous in most countries. Before we stared shitting and living in wooden boxes, it was a perfectly natural thing to do. It's more about respecting the space your in. Knowledge does help of course. The way you move through the bush can be influenced by the season, weather, time of day, the plant life, animals and terrain. Australia has many poisonous snakes, spiders and heaps of creepy crawlers with very sharps claws and pincers. Walking without shoes is a great way to slow down and learn more about the dangerous. In fact - apart from teaching little Joey about the importance of embracing his sensory perception for the healing and growing it brings ... but safety is also a major factor as his traits can lead him to run into things if not taught to slow down. A lot of us need a few lessons in that. No time to smell the flowers. : )

    Narrr it's all good D - I am watching him all the time ... I explain to him why we need to go slow ... have to check out the lay of the land, how moist it is, how many ants, how many nooks and crannies that make good homes for all the creepy crawlies - open spaces among the scrubby grass - the stinging nettles, the sharp spiking plants - everything from the temperate to the angle of the sun all affect the hive of activity that's going on above and under foot. You actually sense it a lot more when going barefoot. It's not something you do all day for convenience sake ... but an excellent practice when you consider how we now live.

    It's a skill to be sure ... learned over time. He got a prickle, small splinter - I pulled it out and taught him how to desensitize himself by stamping his foot (He has a low threshold for pain like myself) ... then we kept on going. Pros and Cons to being super sensitive. : ) This afternoon we might play walking only on parallel facing bricks, where jumping on anything else results in - OH NO!!! Not there PaPPa! I like his games - a lot.

    I think I have reached my limit now D - Having a good day this end ... much better since reading your encouragement. TY.



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