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    Depression at its worst in the morning

    I just read on a Facebook page that a woman was diagnosed with "Diurnal Mood Variation." I had never heard of it, so I looked it up. It's a sub type of major depressive disorder, but you feel most depressed in the mornings, and then you feel better as the day wears on.

    I decided to post this as people on this forum have stated they feel the most depressed in the morning, but then their mood shifts as the day wears on. I had never heard of it, but if you google it you can read about it.

    When people used to post this question, I would suggest that maybe they were getting more involved in their day and less anxious because they were more in the present. Had no idea of a diagnosis of "Diurnal Mood Variation"

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    Don't worry - what you're experiencing is very common.



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