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    Alcohol and Anxiety

    I got the question from one of my youtube subscribers how bad alcohol is for anxiety....if it's ok to use or if it's making anxiety much worse. So, I made a
    blog post about alcohol and anxiety here if anyone is interested in reading a bit about how it works.

    Much Love!


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    With what I know, alcohol can trigger a panic attack of anxiety.

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    Its the hangover that makes it not worth it. Makes anxiety worse for me in the long run.

    Thanks for the article.

    Take care.

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    Alcohol is a depressant. And depression can make your anxieties worse.

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    One of the biggest problems with being social and going out with friends in that past involved alcohol, oddly enough some people that I knew always remained half in the bag to remain social. I had to let go of those friendships to survive.

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    so this is an interesting and controversial post because a lot of people will have mixed feelings on this topic. I think its a case of each to their own and different people cope really differently with alcohol but
    i can only comment from the recent experiences i know of.

    So a member of my wife's family currently has a drinking problem because he came back from a holiday at some point where i am guessing there was a lot of alcohol (not far off my recent holiday in spain) but then when he got back to real life and home,
    he hit the bottle probably trying to act as though he's still on holiday because actually being on holiday and then having to come home to normal life can be a shock and slightly depressing but i can say from this experience where this guy is drunk more than he should be
    and drunk in front of his kid and trying to hide his "stash" from his wife it starts being a problem...

    in some ways i can sympathize with him, its not easy coming back from long holidays in nice countries to hard work, long days and being back in routine...however i guess you have to try and make your days at home more enjoyable

    so example: every other week i am lucky enough to have a slap up dinner with my inlaws inc. good movies, large steaks (rib-eye) white bread (tiger bread) and copious amounts of whisky...im not dependent on it and dont drink during the week so its a nice to have as a treat.

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    Your article is very good and informative too..

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    Holidays are especially difficult for me, I guess too painful for a long host of reasons (even apart from the religious aspect), they are brutal for me for other reasons and can easily send me into a tailspin if I allow it that usually leads me in the ER. For many years, I would start drinking heavily several weeks before thanksgiving and (maybe) get (somewhat) sober at some point after the new year bloated and heavy and weak, mostly due in part to my liver being swollen ( I have fatty liver syndrome ) . Sad to say, booze wasn't enough to numb the pain and other substances were mixed into the concoction, and I have suffered long-term (and some permanent physical and mental) damage even though I'm now sober after a long battle with many serious slip-ups. But the stress makes the desire to stay sober even more challenging and seemingly pointless sometimes during this time of the year, but, I know, if I ever start back up again, it will be the end for me because I'm too far down (drained emotionally) and lack the energy to pull myself out from that dark hole ever again. As I get older, my body cant take the abuse I put it through when I was younger and my last relapse nearly killed me (seriously)! It took a lot from me a and left me with a tremor and unsteady gait and tinnitus that will never go away. And, to add insult to injury, my anxiety and depression are worse tenfold now

    I remember a time when alcohol was not a problem for me and I enjoyed a beverage and could even get drunk and only worry about hangover that would go away in time. But, when I used it to cope is when it turned into something altogether different. Even 1 glass of wine would trigger a binge because I could never stop at 1 glass anymore.

    Holidays can be a rough time for those that don't fit the 'Hallmark Holiday Card' definitions of holidays/family and what they (should) depict. For those of us unable to recreate these celebrations and family gatherings (folks lacking a loving close family unit) we can finally get that sigh of relief when they are over. It not my intention to bring others down that find joy and peace during holidays. I'm happy for those that 'have it like that'. For me, I should try to find comfort and embrace the solitude and try to not be overly cynical towards others enjoying the holidays and celebrations.

    I feel like that didn't come out quite right, but I wanted to be honest here and I'm only speaking for myself on this post and not trying to preach anything.

    I guess it when it become a coping mechanism and an every-day thing that one start to get concerned.
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    While I do still think about it, I know I must remain sober and also avoid other heavy drinkers. Trouble is.. my old friends relied on substances to be social and know nothing else, so I couldn't go back and hang with them.

    Oh well.. enjoying my own company is more healthy. The music and lights are pretty though I will say that much about the holidays.

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    I hear Ya Sal. Inspiring words ... TY. I too am learning to enjoy my own company. I still struggle. Without having a healthy respect and appreciation for what I have to offer myself; things could be much worse. Moreover, coming to understand just how much I can do for myself makes me feel just how much better off I can be OR usually am when making a heart felt connection with said insight.

    Living in a world that thrives from only outside sources keeps us hooked where living with self is not encouraged. It takes a long journey to discover the power of those words and what they really mean. It is the best I can say it for now. Just know I find encouragement from your words as you finish off your lost post with how you find your own company more beneficial and healing. That's an awesome way to be!



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