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    For anyone with a fear

    Life should be lived without fears and worries. You shouldn't let a fear take over your daily basics and keep you from enjoying a life that has a purpose and full of joy. I used to be afraid of many things until I started a relationship with God , I gave him all my worries and fear and he took over them . I got my life back and my happiness back, if I can do it you can do it just trust him and watch it change your life together. You will finally be lifted from your problems and be free for fears. At the end you got a whole life a head of you that should be live by happiness and no worries. Hopefully this help you msg if you have any questions I be glad to help you.

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    Welcome to the forum. The atypical form of worship and the God to which you refer + the ideals manifested from that; are in fact largely responsible for the fear to which you speak. It is for this reason alone that many places forbid talk of politics & religion.

    Of course in here we can talk about whatever we want. Whilst your beliefs may work for you and that 'you can do it' does in no way mean that it's going to work for others or that others can do it.

    That's the pious attitude I just posted about.

    Welcome To The Forum!
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