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    How to help someone who suffers from anxiety and depression

    This is a good article for those who have loved ones that suffers from depression or anxiety


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    Seems like good advice. I'd be careful about giving them a book on how to handle mental illness though. That could be easily percived as bible thumping. It's all in the approach. Thankfully most of my kids are seeing a psychologist and open to self help. Some are more resistant than others and actually do better when not being wrapped in cotton wool or being tippy toed around. Somthing the article missed. None the less we should also realise that mental illness is not about children. We have way too much focus on that which only creates a problem that need not exist. To stem the tide you got to fix the problem at the head.

    Empathy for example is hard to have when there is so little of it in existence. At least when not romantcly displayed on our screens or written in text. Alas the article does state to start with one's self.

    Thx for posting. I got a fair bit out of that.

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    this is Ingrid carley from bexhill. I live in Dementia care homes bexhil.lHere are people who suffer from Dementia. We live together. here environment is good and and whole team in orchard house is very helpful and supportive.



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