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Thread: Visual Snow??

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    Unhappy Visual Snow??

    Recently I've been noticing what looks like falling snow in one area of my room. It only happens at night, and it seems to grow stronger the longer I stare at it. Basically, little white "snow-like" specks fall down, and even in different directions. I've been really paranoid about this, and am not sure if this is visual snow or something else. For awhile I feared I was going to become schizophrenic, and seeing this "snow" and questioning if it could be a hallucination is definitely bringing that back. I'm already paranoid at night - if I hear a small sound, I often leave my room to see where it came from (for fear of hearing voices/going crazy). It's possible that my recent experience with derealization kickstarted this fear. Has anyone else experienced the "falling snow"? And, if so, should I be worried?

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    Given your description of what you're seeing, it seems like this is visual snow and is a symptom of anxiety, so is your fear of developing schizophrenia (Or going insane, which happens to a lot of people who have anxiety, myself included). either way, don't worry about it, you're not on the verge of developing schizophrenia.



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