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    Being Neurotic Is Nothing To Be Laughed At And Can Worsen Depression

    I think it's true that we all have a little Woody Allen in us. Some more than others, of course.

    However, while watching Woody Allen movies can be humorous, being neurotic is nothing to be laughed at. Take it from somebody who knows. I used to be nervous and a neurotic mess myself.

    A few years ago a friend of mine who's quite neurotic himself was joking to me about how he's neurotic.

    I told him, "No! Being neurotic is nothing to be laughed at! Being neurotic is a very serious problem that can interfere with how happy you are!"

    The good news is that if you're neurotic, you can change. You can get better. A combination of psychotherapy and psychiatric medications can really help you to get better at being calm, cool under pressure, and happier overall.

    Hey, I did it. I overcame it with the help of therapy and meds. And you can too if you're currently a lot like I was.
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    True. One of my friends has to undergo all this, but he fought bravely.



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