Some people who have to take psychiatric medications don't like having to be on them. Maybe they think it's a sign of weakness. Or maybe they can't accept the fact that they need to take meds in order to keep them emotionally healthy. And then their are others who don't like the side effects that medications can give you.

However, if you're on psychiatric medication(s), it's a bad idea to play psychiatrist and just suddenly stop taking your meds.

Their are lots of individuals with psychiatric issues who are doing well emotionally, in part because their meds are working for them, and then all of a sudden they stop taking their medications and end up in a mental hospital as a result.

What did they think was going to happen? You can't just suddenly stop taking meds!

If you're on medication(s) and unhappy about it for whatever reason, talk to your psychiatrist about it. But don't play medical doctor and suddenly stop taking your pills. Doing so is a terrible idea.