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    The only medication I'm on now is Clozaril.

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    Have you tried CBD before? I use CBD from Alive Market and i haven't had a panic attack in over 3 months! Its the only medicine i take. Its nice because they ship to all 50 states.

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    Have you tried to use CBD for depression and anxiety? It is all natural and i haven't had a panic or anxiety attack in over 3 months. I love that i don't get any panic attacks. Check out Alive Market they ship to all states!

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    Thank you. I receive 16mg citalopram every night after dinner.

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    I started and stayed with a psychologist. The important thing is to find out what works for you, the right fit. If you feel you might need medication, then a psychiatrist will be the one to help you

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    About depression and anxiety, you may see a therapist and it should be a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist.



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