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    Red face Newbie

    Hi, I've never been a part of a forum before. I just want to be a part of a safe community as I don't get the opportunity to talk about my problems except with my doctor. I've suffered with anxiety / depression on / off since my high school days. Right now I have once again hit rock bottom. The other day I had an anxiety attack at my college. I meet with my doctor here and there. I take medications for sleep and anxiety. I hope someone replies.

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    Welcome, Lavender95!

    Why do you not get the chance to talk to someone in your life about your issues except with your doctor?

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    Hi MainerMikeBrown,

    Thanks for your response.
    I used to talk to my best friend about it, but the last time we talked about my issues she started crying and I hate to make her feel that way.
    While I want her to be aware of my issues, I don't want to burden her.
    I also plan to start meeting with a college counselor starting next week and hopefully that will help as well.



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