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    Could this be Anxiety ?

    i been having a lot of worrying i think it was cause about the MRI results but the first result was something they wanted to see and they check and anything was fine Now I am getting worry about every symptoms I have ,like unable to feel my heartbeat but it been a few hours and before i was sleepy but took a nap and feel a little better but when i got up i could feel it but when i sit back down i can barely feel it. All this Happen when i came back from shoving and at lunch , i did notice an increase of anxiety ? i do feel a little better the upset belly went away

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    Detour12, many people find that physical exercise, such as shoveling, calms them down if they feel anxious. But with some people, physical exercise, such as shoveling like you did, makes their anxieties worse.

    If exercise makes it worse, it may be a better idea to take it easy instead, Detour12.



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