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    Exclamation I'm being victimized by a troll from New Zealand!

    For the better part of a year now, I've been receiving no end of harassment from a troll who lives in Napier. I don't know this guy's name. I just know it's a guy, but he's extremely vile, unrelenting and annoying. He posted a photo on a forum of "himself" ages ago, and supposedly one of his dog, but I don't know if that's more of his nonsense. A few months ago, I got so tired of his hassle, that I printed off a lot of evidence of his harassment and invited cops to my parents' house to show them what I was having to put up with, but because they found out he is in New Zealand, they didn't do a thing to help. Calling another country so far away in the world is probably going to give me a high phone bill, but this looks like my second to last option here, other than contacting his local authorities.

    The reason I know he is a Kiwi is because he once slipped up on Wikipedia and edited a page under his own IP address, linked to an ISP called Spark (or Xtra). He has also linked to images on New Zealand sites, plus edited many Wikipedia articles about people and films in New Zealand, which I doubt is a coincidence. It is hard to find working proxy servers for Wikipedia, so many users are forced to use either an alias or a proper IP address to edit articles, but an administrator cleared his logs when he saw me bookmarking his page. He has been banned a lot and they've made a list of the accounts they know of. I've reported him to Spark several times by now and never gotten a reply, despite sending them descriptive emails about all of his abuse. Recently, he spammed on a forum and told me to enjoy my monthly retard payment.

    This all started last summer, when he joined a forum about a video game series I'm a fan of. He was soon banned for spamming. He then came back using other accounts, but I didn't know it was him at first. He started uploading avatars of people I know related to acting, after creating threads about conditions he knows I have such as autism and anxiety, based on things he read in my posts there. It was just troll bait, though, because he wanted a response.

    Not long after that, he began stalking me around different forums, and one in particular was flooded with dozens of spam posts, threats, insults and obscene images, due to there being no moderators there any longer. The administrator (who rarely logs in) eventually banned me to shut him up, but that was totally out of order as I'd been posting there for years and some members had even requested to become moderators to deal with that sort of abuse, yet their pleas went unanswered. He also knows I have an entry on The Internet Movie Database by this point, so he used images in the galleries on the film pages to create fake posters, which I had to report so constantly. Recently, he began tampering with my page on there by adding an entry for a YouTube video I didn't want submitted on my IMDb page. It is not a film. It is just a general opinions video where I am speaking into the camera. However, when I expressed my concern about his behaviour on their support forums, they made out that any publicly available video can go on there per their criteria for inclusion. I've got a pro subscription with them too, so their lack of real help is really surprising to me. He subscribed to my YouTube channel as well, but marked himself as hidden so he cannot be blocked. For example, it reads as there being 4 subscribers, but I cannot see 3 of the profiles at all.

    I've also discovered that my videos have been stolen and added to torrent sites. Even if I do not list the videos I put on YouTube, he can find them where they are embedded online. He also, like I said, ended up finding me on Wikipedia and a similar site called Wikia. There's something called the Acting Wiki. I've made a page on there about my filmography and he tried to mess it up, or leave comments beneath the article and add links to an Encyclopedia Dramatica entry that other trolls (he likely is in cahoots with) had created about me over 10 years ago, which I got deleted just once back in 2010 when they were hosted in the US. Since then, they've been using hosts in Europe or whatever that don't recognize DMCA law, and they use this other site to cloak their hosting details.

    He has also impersonated me and stolen my pictures, a lot. He crapped on a printed picture of me and made a flash image of him flushing it down the toilet, plus referring to me as a mongoloid who needs to have a bath. The other things he has posted are even more obscene than this, which I won't go into detail about, but know that it is extremely disgusting. I've had to report him dozens of times on many forums, but he just jumps proxies and signs up more accounts. He also uses some accounts to try to 'blend in' by posting normal and trying to act innocent, while using other ones to commit abuse.

    Can anyone advise me on what to do next? I'd really like to take out an anti-harassment order against him so that if he harasses me any more, it will be a criminal offence. However, trying to link all the abuse to him won't be easy from a third party's perspective, because, I mean, I know it's definitely him annoying me each time something similar occurs again, but somebody from his ISP may not consider that 'enough proof' to have anything done about him. All I really have is a load of his ridiculous sounding nicknames and countless abusive comments.

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    Im not to sure about thing's like this but can't you just block his messages from coming through to your account or change your profile and user name with different aviator lot of trouble for you to do but if it ends the harassment you're receiving its going to be worthwhile the internet is full of idiots that think cyber bulling is ok because because they don't see the harm it causes people who do things like that are just cowards hiding behind a keyboard I hope you get rid of the clown best wishes

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    Hi. I deleted my last post in this thread, because it was another big rant. Anyway, he used the IP address to harass me on Wikipedia last year, but an arsehole of an administrator deleted his edit so I couldn't pin anything on their site if I reported him. He also abuses me on imdb.com and elsewhere, but calling Spark is a hassle due to them being like 11 hours ahead in time.



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