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    Did Zoloft work for you?

    I have struggled with anxiety, specifically social anxiety, for many years now. I have taken almost all of the SSRIS but none have worked. Around a month ago I started taking 100mg of Zoloft, but I havenít noticed any change in my anxiety. This Saturday with be exactly one month since I started taking it. So far the only think I have found that works for me is Klonopin, but unfortunately I canít find another doctor willing to prescribe it to me. I really need Zoloft to work, but Iím afraid that it isnít going to. Have any of you had success with Zoloft? How long did it take to work? Thanks!

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    Whilst there is a honey moon period with most drugs I took, Zoloft was a complete flop. I was a zombie from beginning to end. To be fair, in my experience none of them worked for me.

    But hey, they say we are all different which is why people should not use these forums to judge the potential outcome of a drug base on someone else's experience. For instance I have a strong bias against the use of medication for depression and anxiety yet for some l concede it works, whilst for many who are quick to adopt the claims of others peoples experiences, the internet is filled with tragic outcomes.

    It's not as simple as what did/does or did/does not work for someone else. Go see the drug pushers who are supposedly in the know. They will only be to happy to help you find a pill that works for you.

    If you find a doctor not so quick to push, then in my book I think there may be some legitimacy to thier knowing. Be careful with begging the question and doctor hopping. Most of us do it as a means to an end within a complacent field filled with many professions / professionals and practises / practitioners whom are overwhelmed and in many cases simply care little.

    Although if you have plenty of $$$ you can avoid the lower lvls and thier associated pitfalls where you can then enter into a higher lvl of care.

    Whatever your status and how deep your pockets, Just it keep real, be true to yourself and know what it is that you really want.

    OH and by the way:
    Welcome to the forum!
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    The first psychiatric medication I was ever prescribed was Zoloft back when I first decided to get help for depression back in 2000. I was initially put on 50 mg. Then my psychiatrist at the time increased it to 100 mg. Unfortunately, the Zoloft didn't work for me.

    But just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you, because everyone's brain chemistry is different.



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